Food Photography for TreatSmarts baking gluten free cakes, based in Vancouver, Cananda

Back in September I had the most amazing opportunity to travel to Canada as I was asked by Simrit Ollek, Owner of TreatSmarts Fine Foods to photograph her gorgeous cakes for her new business.  TreatSmarts is a local Vancouver based company specialising in gluten free goods.

Over a cup of tea I asked Simrit to tell me her story of how her company started:

“Gluten free allergies have been a family affair with me as my siblings and their children were diagnosed with gluten allergies. This stimulated my passion for baking items that my family members could enjoy.  So I started baking gluten free items a few years ago and over time, my chocolate quinoa cake and cupcakes became a favourite and highly requested desert for gluten and non-gluten friends and family.

TreatSmarts strikes a perfect balance between gluten-free eating without compromising taste!”

During every food shoot, it’s very important to taste the food (as you can imagine).  Gosh, they were mouth-watering, moist and absolutely delicious. Highly recommend you try them.

If you are planning your wedding, baby shower, birthday party, family celebration or corporate event and looking for something a little bit different check out their contact details:

Twitter: @Treatsmarts
Instagram: #Treatsmarts

Enjoy looking at a selection of beautiful photography I have created. 😉

TreatSmarts Power Bites! They are high in protein and energy, also gluten free. A peanut butter, chocolate, coconut ball made with the goodness of chia, hemp, flax and quinoa.

TreatSmarts decadent, moist, gluten free chocolate quinoa cake. It is rich and moist with three layers of dark chocolate, filled and iced with buttercream chocolate icing. Made with whole grains. Simply delicious and chocolate heaven.

TreatSmarts Cupcakes. They are rich and moist chocolate quinoa minis with your choice of buttercream. Perfect for birthdays, baby showers and wedding. No one will ever know they are gluten free!

TreatSmarts Cupcakes. They are rich and moist with cream coloured buttercream icing. Perfect for birthdays, baby showers and wedding. No one will ever know they are gluten free!

TreatSmarts Cupcakes. Try them with turquoise buttercream icing and pink toppings. Perfect for birthdays, baby showers and wedding. No one will ever know they are gluten free!

TreatSmarts cupcakes delivered direct to your home for that special party.

TreatSmarts cupcakes – can’t get enough of them in their lilac and chocolate buttercream icing. No one will ever know they are gluten-free!

TreatSmarts cupcakes – simply delicious, moist and gluten free. Fantastic to have for any birthday celebration, baby shower and wedding party.

Start your day with TreatSmarts Power Bites! They are high in protein and energy, also gluten free. Made with the goodness of chia, hemp, flax and quinoa, including peanut butter, chocolate and coconut.

TreatSmarts banana bread, homemade with a splash of dark chocolate chips that is light, moist and healthy.

TreatSmarts decadent, moist, gluten free chocolate quinoa cake. Rich and moist with three layers of dark chocolate cake, filled and iced with buttercream chocolate icing. Also made with whole grains – you must come and visit us and try it for yourself.

TreatSmarts take pride in their work, all packaged up and ready to be delivered to their clients. How easy can it be. Check them out.

Modern Woman Beauty & Fashion Portraits: Kirsty and her Wedding Dress

Last year when I took some beauty and fashion portraits for Kirsty, she bought along her own wedding dress to be photographed in.

Kirsty got married on 11th May 2013 at Heythrop Park, in the Cotswolds.  I asked Kirsty to tell me about her dress during the shoot.

She said “her dress was designed by Lusan Mandongus, who is known for a more high fashion approach to her designs. Also working as a model, I have worn many dresses over the years and never had the wow feeling when I tried any of them on. However, when I saw this dress, it was unlike anything I had ever seen or worn before. It was so different, yet felt vintage and classic. I loved the dropped waist with reams and reams of fluted silk chiffon billowing below, and how it wafted when I walked.

On the day I wore a Jenny Packham head dress, earnings from a vintage store on Etsy and a swarovski bracelet from Camden market. I made my bridal belt myself.

It wasn’t that long ago that I got married, but it was still nice to be able to see and feel my wedding dress again for the shoot with Rav, and to know I could still get it on!”.

Thank you Kirsty for sharing your story and here’s some of my favorite images.






Isobel & Will’s Engagement Shoot in London

In May, I had the pleasure to photograph Isobel and Will’s engagement shoot in London.  I love London it such an exciting place, full of so much energy and life around the city and park areas.  Its always had amazing textures and back drops for creating beautiful imagery.

Wandering through Leadenhall Market took me back through memory lane of when I use to live in London. The ornate roof structure, painted green, maroon and cream, and cobbled floors of the current structure, designed in 1881 by Sir Horace Jones (who was also the architect of Billingsgate and Smithfield Markets). The impressive lighting is on during the day and creates such a warm, timeless feel as you walk through.

I asked Isobel to tell me how they met.  She said that her and Will were close friends at Durham, when they were studying at the same college. Will had a stunning proposal planned on the final day of our nine day hike in the French Pyrenees last August. We’d climbed up the mountain in the morning and he proposed at the top. The shock (or the altitude) caused me to have a nosebleed straightaway so he had to wait a good five minutes before I could give him an answer!

Here’s a few of my favorite images to share before next Saturday, when it’s their wedding day!

1_Ravinder_Crone_photographer_Engagement_PreWedding_london_weddings_couples_portraits2_Ravinder_Crone_photographer_Engagement_PreWedding_london_weddings_couples_portraits3_Ravinder_Crone_photographer_Engagement_PreWedding_london_weddings_couples_portraits 4_Ravinder_Crone_photographer_Engagement_PreWedding_london_weddings_couples_portraits 5_Ravinder_Crone_photographer_Engagement_PreWedding_london_weddings_couples_portraits

6_Ravinder_Crone_photographer_Engagement_PreWedding_london_weddings_couples_portraits 7_Ravinder_Crone_photographer_Engagement_PreWedding_london_weddings_couples_portraits 8_Ravinder_Crone_photographer_Engagement_PreWedding_london_weddings_couples_portraits 0_Ravinder_Crone_photographer_Engagement_PreWedding_london_weddings_couples_portraits


The Guild of Professional Photographers Image of the Month Competition

Being a member of the Guild of Professional Photographers I try to make time to enter my work for image of the month competition.  I believe it helps me to push myself more each time i have enter and really think about training my eye when creating beautiful imagery for clients.

The March results have been published and I entered my classic and timeless fine art beauty and fashion portrait of Kirsty in the people category and very pleased it won a bronze bar.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look 😉

Ravinder Crone Photographer Beauty_Portrait_Fashion_Kirsty Spence Model_Guild Of Photographers Image of the month - awarded bronze


Children’s Lifestyle Shoot in Cornwall

Last May, I was booked for a family lifestyle portrait shoot by a client that have commissioned me for a few years now and this gave me the opportunity to travel to Cornwall.

The north Cornish coast is an beautiful, relaxing and fun place for a holiday.  There is so much to do whatever the weather, on the beach, in or on the sea, and walking the coastal paths.  Their house was built in the 1920s and it has an amazing view out to sea and has been their family’s holiday home for 70 years.  It is a great place to escape to, far away from the stresses of normal life.  As you can imagine, there is lots of room for their family and friends to visit and everyone who comes to stay simply loves it!

Meet the two brothers who are Alex, aged 6 and Richard, aged 3.  I have always found it fun photographing children as you can let them play and dress up,  as that is what a lot of kids love to do at this age. The boys loved playing in their pirates outfits – who wouldn’t!

As a photographer there is always something special when capturing moments like these and seeing their individual personalities in photographers.  As we all know children grow up so fast these days.  Here’s a few of my favorite images to share and if you are interested in a lifestyle photo shoot you can get in touch via my contact page or call me for a chat.