Modern Woman Beauty & Fashion Portraits: Kirsty and her Wedding Dress

Last year when I took some beauty and fashion portraits for Kirsty, she bought along her own wedding dress to be photographed in.

Kirsty got married on 11th May 2013 at Heythrop Park, in the Cotswolds.  I asked Kirsty to tell me about her dress during the shoot.

She said “her dress was designed by Lusan Mandongus, who is known for a more high fashion approach to her designs. Also working as a model, I have worn many dresses over the years and never had the wow feeling when I tried any of them on. However, when I saw this dress, it was unlike anything I had ever seen or worn before. It was so different, yet felt vintage and classic. I loved the dropped waist with reams and reams of fluted silk chiffon billowing below, and how it wafted when I walked.

On the day I wore a Jenny Packham head dress, earnings from a vintage store on Etsy and a swarovski bracelet from Camden market. I made my bridal belt myself.

It wasn’t that long ago that I got married, but it was still nice to be able to see and feel my wedding dress again for the shoot with Rav, and to know I could still get it on!”.

Thank you Kirsty for sharing your story and here’s some of my favorite images.






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