Isobel & Will’s Engagement Shoot in London

In May, I had the pleasure to photograph Isobel and Will’s engagement shoot in London.  I love London it such an exciting place, full of so much energy and life around the city and park areas.  Its always had amazing textures and back drops for creating beautiful imagery.

Wandering through Leadenhall Market took me back through memory lane of when I use to live in London. The ornate roof structure, painted green, maroon and cream, and cobbled floors of the current structure, designed in 1881 by Sir Horace Jones (who was also the architect of Billingsgate and Smithfield Markets). The impressive lighting is on during the day and creates such a warm, timeless feel as you walk through.

I asked Isobel to tell me how they met.  She said that her and Will were close friends at Durham, when they were studying at the same college. Will had a stunning proposal planned on the final day of our nine day hike in the French Pyrenees last August. We’d climbed up the mountain in the morning and he proposed at the top. The shock (or the altitude) caused me to have a nosebleed straightaway so he had to wait a good five minutes before I could give him an answer!

Here’s a few of my favorite images to share before next Saturday, when it’s their wedding day!

1_Ravinder_Crone_photographer_Engagement_PreWedding_london_weddings_couples_portraits2_Ravinder_Crone_photographer_Engagement_PreWedding_london_weddings_couples_portraits3_Ravinder_Crone_photographer_Engagement_PreWedding_london_weddings_couples_portraits 4_Ravinder_Crone_photographer_Engagement_PreWedding_london_weddings_couples_portraits 5_Ravinder_Crone_photographer_Engagement_PreWedding_london_weddings_couples_portraits

6_Ravinder_Crone_photographer_Engagement_PreWedding_london_weddings_couples_portraits 7_Ravinder_Crone_photographer_Engagement_PreWedding_london_weddings_couples_portraits 8_Ravinder_Crone_photographer_Engagement_PreWedding_london_weddings_couples_portraits 0_Ravinder_Crone_photographer_Engagement_PreWedding_london_weddings_couples_portraits


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